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Continuous Integration

Continuous Delivery


The key test is that a business sponsor could request that the current development version of the software can be deployed into production at a moment's notice - and nobody would bat an eyelid, let alone panic.

(Martin Fowler)

Computers are designed to perform simple, repetitive tasks. As soon as you have humans doing repetitive tasks on behalf of computers, all the computer get together late at night & laugh at you.

(Neal Ford)

  • Each commit triggers a start of the deployment pipeline
  • The stages of the CDP are more and more like the production environment. The last stage is its mirror.
  • Are you ready for Continuous Delivery?

Infrastructure as Code


Case studies



Term Description
Blue/Green deployment It is a technique for zero-downtime patches. There are two identical environement. While the patch is running, the request router uses the old version. Once the patch is finished, the new version is being used.