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ways I would like teams I work on to be

— Julia Evans (@b0rk) 22. Oktober 2016



Modern Agile



Good questions

  • Good questions need time for preparation: Do some research and clarify your thoughts.
  • Think about the person you want to ask

– Choose the right person. – Choose the right time. – Ask for one think at a time.

  • Actually ask for things you don't know. Build up a glossary from it.
  • Good questions can also be a contribution to the open source community as they can help others later on.

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Good answers

  • Be nice and constructive.
  • Answering questions about what you know can help yourself to solidify new knowledge.
  • Share how you reached your conclusions.
  • Improve the documentation to help others in future.

Knowledge sharing

Regarding knowledge distribution, static analysis showed that some of the parts of the platform, that were of high complexity, were only ever touched by one or two developers. This kind of knowledge islands are super dangerous for a team and company. – Holger Schmeisky