Table of Contents


Give and take

Work is doing things for other people. The reasons for this could be that they have no time, knowledge, skills, or interest to do the job at hand. Money is usually being used as compensation. It can then in turn be used to pay others for helping out with the necessities of life.


Innovation Accounting

A traditional business case is a set of untested hypotheses and assumptions, backed up by subject matter experts, case studies, and market research. In an experimental approach to innovation, real data is collected from working product prototypes that have been tested and informed by feedback from real customers. -- [[][Barry O'Reilly]]

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Objective Key Results (OKR)

Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Balanced scorecard

Business Plan

Organization structure

  • Organization chart
  • Legal form



  • Market potential
  • Market analysis: target customer and their requirements
  • Definition of unique selling points
  • Marketing strategy


Risk management

Ways to earn mones


Case studies